Summer Horse Camp


Diamond D Ranch provides children ages 8 to 17, an opportunity to learn about horses and horsemanship. Our program is designed to benefit both the beginner and those who already have some knowledge of horses. Participating in a horse camp is a great way to build a childs self-confidence and help a child develop good decision making skills. Attending horse camp promotes independence while the child learns responsibility and cooperation. Not only will your child spend hours and hours in the saddle, he or she will become a cowhand for a day and take part in an old fashioned cattle drive. In addition, there will be classroom activities and educational video sessions on horse indentification, anatomy, grooming, conditioning, nutrition, health, tack, and western horsemanship. The overnight campers will experience horseback riding under the stars and get to ride through the breathtaking Jennings State Forest for church service on Wednesday night.  (Age exceptions are handled on a case-by-case basis.)


Diamond D Ranch believes the strength of a camp depends upon the people behind it. Our counselors are selected based on their horsemanship, maturity, moral character, and their love of children. Our staff and counselors are dedicated to performing the highest quality of leadership by providing direction and care to all campers. We value our campers and treasure the many memories they will make here during summer horse camp, that will last a lifetime. In addition, some of our counselors have competed and shown horses at the state and/or national level.


Diamond D Ranch recommends that children attend camp with a “buddy”. (You do not have to bring a buddy.) Sharing horse camp with a “buddy” is great for young children or for children who have not spent that much time away from home. Children attending Diamond D Ranch are welcome to list each other as bunkmates on their application. However, it will be necessary for both applicants to list each other in order to accommodate their request.


Session 1: June 26 – June 30

Session 2: July 10 – July 14

Session 3: July 17 – July 21

Session 4: July 24 – July 28

Over flow camp will only open up after the other 4 sessions are full.
Over Flow: July 31 – August 4

All overnight camps are GIRLS ONLY. Day camp is CO-ED for boys and girls. If you have a boy that would like to attend an overnight camp please call our office
and ask to be placed on the waiting list. If enough boys are willing to sign up we can then open up a week for boys only overnight.


Begins Monday morning at 8:30am until Friday at 5:00pm. Overnight campers are provided with breakfast, lunch, afternoon snack, and supper and dessert. Your child will sleep in our air-conditioned bunkhouse, complete with restrooms and shower facilities. ***We may open a BOYS only over night IF enough boys sign up. If you son, grandson, nephew, etc wishes to attend overnight for the 2017 season please contact our office to get on the sign up list for “boys” over night camp. IF we get enough boys to sign up we will open a week of overnight camp for the boys. Boys are still welcome to attend the Co-ed Day camp.


$829.25 per week. Price includes registration fee and sales tax.

$214.00 (tax included) non refundable deposit is required. This will be taken from the total cost of each camp price.


Begins Monday and ends on Friday. Drop off is at 8:30am and pick up is at 5:00pm daily. There will be an additional fee for children dropped off early or picked up late. Day Camp is co-ed and consist of boys and girls any week. Lunch and a afternoon snack is provided each day.


$508.25 per week. Price includes registration fee and sales tax.

$214.00 (tax included) non refundable deposit is required. This will be taken from the total cost of each camp price.




Registration Form: Parent fill out both sides of the registration form fully. Parent and child must sign and mail original to our office. Please print, using One registration per child.

Medical Release Form: Form can be printed out from our website or you may call the office and have one faxed or mailed to you. Form must be completed, signed and sent with registration form.

Release Form: Form can be printed out from out website or you may call the office and have one faxed or mailed to you. Form must be completed, signed and sent with registration form.

Photograph Information

Deposit: A deposit of $200.00 + $14.00 tax is required to be sent with registration form. Balance is due 2 weeks prior to the date of attendance.

Check or Money Order: Made payable to: “Diamond D Ranch, Inc.” and WRITE THE CAMPERS NAME ON THE CHECK/MONEY ORDER. We will not be responsible for cash sent through the mail.

Credit Cards: You may pay your deposit or the entire amount by credit card. We accept Visa, MasterCard, and Discover Card. Mail Releases, Registration and Payment to:




Fax Registration: (904) 289-9300

Please fax both sides of the registration form and Medical and Participant Release Forms. Must have original prior to camp. Deposit can be paid by credit card by calling our office with credit card information.


Suggested Items

  • **Sunblock
  • **Insect Repellent
  • **Hat or Cap
  • **Sports Bottle w/clip
    or Camel Packs
  • **Rain jackets (only)
  • **Boots (recommended)
  • Towels/Wash Cloths
  • Soap
  • Laundry Bags (NO clothes hampers)
  • Tooth Paste/ Tooth Brush
  • Shampoo/Cond.
  • Comb/Brush Toiletries
  • Sleepwear
  • Underwear(8 pr)
  • Socks(8-10pr)
  • T -Shirts (7-8)
  • Jeans (8 pr)
  • Boys Swimming Trunks only
  • Girls 1 Piece swimsuit only NO 2 PIECE
  • 2 pr Tennis Shoes
  • Light Jacket (overnight)
  • Pillow
  • 2 Flat Sheets (Twin)
  • Comforter
  • Or Sleeping Bag
  • Bible
  • Self addressed stamped envelopes, Paper & Pen
  • Change for Vending Machines(optional)

** Items are what day campers should bring only. All items listed should be brought by overnight campers.

No Tank top or sleeveless shirts.  No Clothes Hampers(not enough room in bunkhouse) bring a bag for dirty clothes.

We provide horseback riding helmets at camp but if you wish to purchase your own you may. It must be a certified riding helmet with the campers name written in it..

This list is only a suggested list of items your child may want to bring to camp. When packing, please keep in mind that many of our activities at camp (cook-outs, recreational games, etc.) are hard on clothing. You may want to use your own judgment in deciding what your child needs to bring. We urge parents to take the time and mark all clothing with a marking pen or sew-in labels, as every season many good clothes are left at camp. Campers are urged to keep up with clothing and other belongings. Cameras, watches, etc. are difficult to identify if lost. If your child chooses to bring such items, he/she should be prepared to take care of them. We will not be responsible for anything lost or stolen while your child is attending summer camp.


After camp ends at 5:00pm on Friday there will be a cook-out awards ceremony. Where everyone will get to sit down, talk and enjoy a good old fashion cook out. Afterwards, each camper will receive a special award for what they have learned during their week here at the ranch. The campers will give a short demonstration on what they have learned for their families and friends. One parent or chaperone may attend at no charge; as well as the camper who is attending. Each additional person will be $15.00 plus tax($16.05). Guests must pay one week in advance.




(Prices are subject to change without notice)