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Are you looking to stock your freezer while supporting local ranchers? We are here for it!

Diamond D has been raising beef cattle on the Westside of Jacksonville since the early 1900s. As a 5th generation working cattle ranch, raising quality beef is what we do best. 

A simple & easy process will have you on your way to a freezer full of beef.

1. Choose a processor. 

2. Select your cow.

3. Pick up your packaged meat.

4. Enjoy cooking your locally raised beef!

Diamond D has partnered with local Florida Restaurants River & Post / River & Fort. You can now enjoy our beef at either of these restaurants!

           Check out the video to hear a little about our operation, the history and the goals we continue to achieve raising beef.


Below are some local processors that you may want to consider. Feel free to research & select another of your choice. Delivery fee is based on location. Please know that once the cow arrives at processor, all correspondence will happen between you & them. You will contact them directly for cut sheets & price to butcher.

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